I’ve just read that peach is using the new FSA (full sample anti-aliasing). If I understood correctly, they render with no anti-aliasing and then they apply FSA in post-production.

Does anyone know where the FSA controls are???

no one knows?

enable “save buffers” in F10 --> “full samples” appears --> enable --> OSA-Buttons is now “FSA”. each render layer will be saved as .exr in your temp-folder

FSA can be activated by clicking the “Save Buffers” button in the output panel, then a “FullSample” button will appear. click that and you will see OSA change to FSA.


Thanks a lot Sebastian and treatkor!!!

In order to save buffers, your Xparts and Yparts must be in the aspect ratio of your image. http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Manual/Output_Options

Thanks Papa!!