FSpy: "enlarge" FOV without image distortion?

Hi guys,

I have perfectly matched an archviz scene with FSpy.
The problem: the new building is 2 stories higher and thus cut off on top.
Expanding the FOV results in automatic scaling of the FSpy background image - is there a wayto circumvent that or do I have to edit the photo first to match the desired proprtions?

I’ll try that now but hope for a better solution!

Keep your fSpy camera intact, 3D model entire scene using proper XYZ coordinates to find correct 3D space, them project image into those models using UV Project modifier. Duplicate your camera them move back. You will have to reconstruct everything that is missing, in VFX it’s called Set Extension. It’s a lot of work.

Considering I wanna show the front of the other house, I would have to move back a replicated camera and reconstruct all that is missing. Knowing camera projetions will help a lot.

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My issue is/was:

I had done all the modeling upfront and now wanted to match it to the photo to comp it in, as a bonus. So I matched in FSpy, positioned the camera accordingly in Blender and then expanded FOV, the perspective remained intact and I could comp it in, no issues. As long as you don’t move the camera around after “widening the horizon”, it’s fine.

Beautiful work, btw!