FSTools: A collection of pie menus to accomodate a fast and efficient workflow in fullscreen

I’ve been working on this addon on and off for over a year now, tweaking it and adjusting it to my needs.

FSTools contains a total of 9 menus, the goal of which was to turn some processes into steps and be able to quickly find options that were otherwise hidden away in the interface (remember now I was working on this before 2.80 was released :smile: )

Its released under GPLv2, once its installed and activated you can activate it with ALT + Q.

This is just the public demo / initial release. I’d like to add more features to it and I’d love to hear everyones feedback on it :grin:

Have fun and enjoy: :grinning:
[https://github.com/MarkC-b3d/FSTools] (https://github.com/MarkC-b3d/FSTools)