Ft blender.... sytax error?

So I need text in my game that show the score in game/ on the scoreboard/ etc
Can’t see why it can’t be done with the “Text” object thingy, but all the tuts I’ve been going over say I need to make a .tga file using ftblender.
But… when running the script it says:

print ‘ftblender’+’ -o '+f[:-3]+'tga -x 512 -y 512 -r 53 ppem '+f
syntax error: invalid syntax
location:<unknown location>:-1

…so… is the python from it outdated?
Does there then exsist a newer version?
Or an alternative?

It’s old and you’d best run it on blender 2.49 if I remember correctly.

However you can just grab some of free blender fonts (for example here http://www.tutorialsforblender3d.com/GameDoc/Text/FontSheet_1.html) that you can use with BGE.

In Python 3 the ‘print’ statement is a function and requires ( ).
This is optional in Python 2.7.

Ok, awesome, though kinda limited…
But useful all the same, thanks.

Ok, so I changed print ‘ftblender’+’ -o '+f[:-3]+'tga -x 512 -y 512 -r 53 ppem '+f to:

print (‘ftblender’+’ -o '+f[:-3]+'tga -x 512 -y 512 -r 53 ppem 'f)

… now there is a new poblem… :

os.system(‘ftblender’+’ -o '+[:-3]+'tga -x 512 -y 512 -r 53 ppem '+f)
TabError: inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in indentionn

Means the hierarchy is defined both by tabs and spaces. You need to use strictly one or the another in your file.

EDIT: Means that if you edited the script, make sure you used tabs if the rest of the script uses tabs and spaces if the rest of the script uses spaces.

You might have noticed, that the python code simply executes an application with parameters. You can do that manually too ;).

I know, it comes along with it as “ftblender.exe”… though when I click on it it shows the terminal for less than a split second.

(also, I fixed the spaces… now its throwing another syntax error… gods this is endless :frowning: )

you must go to the command prompt first then type it in. Typing ftblender alone will show you the switches…you can type

“ftblender -o outputfilename.tga ppem yourfont.ttf” will work for example

this will open your font in a little window…up and down in the little window will resize it. f1 will show you more options. f2 will save the font.

Ok, now I got another problem O_o
Where did the Texture Faces thing go?
I know where to find it on 2.5 (in game mode under object data).
Now it just seemed to have packed its bags and left for good…
So… how do I do that .tga technique now??