Hello there

I am new to the game engine so please dont get mad when i ask the wrong questions :smiley:

Is there a way so that i can use FTBlender on my machine? (win 7 32 bit Blender 2.64)
I tried FTBlender whit: 2.59, 2.62 and whit 2.64 but i get the same SyntaxError every time
(is there a way to copy/paste the system console so i can show u the console?)

Is there a way so that i can make my own font bitmap’s whit Blender so that i can change the colors of the text?
(i treid it whit the materials but that did not work)

Or is there a font bitmap genarator that i can use to make font bitmap’s that i can use in Blender?


Sorry for my bad English my Dutch is a little better :yes:

Hello. You shouldn’t need to use FTBlender, as Blender 2.6 has built-in ability to use TTF font files. You should be able to just create a font object, and load in the font file that you need. You can change the colors of the text by changing the object color (not the material color) under the Object tab (the little cube).

And if you want to show the system console, display it on-screen and then press the Print Screen button (usually in the upper-right hand corner of your keyboard).

Ah tnx this helped a lot