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Hy folks,

I’m willing to give my web site a better outlook, but my provider provides only ftp access, so a smart GUI ftp client would be nice.

I’m behind a firewall, so PASV mode is a must.
I have SmartFTP, which doesn’t work with my provider.

Anyone can suggest a nice freeware? I’m a real hard-boiled man but going on with command line ftp begins to become tiring.

Thanx in advance


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I use SmartFTP. http://www.smartftp.com/


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I use ws_ftp, works well enough for me.
found it on cnet.com.

:slight_smile: pofo

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im assuming you are using windows? in the future, mention what you are using, since more than windows users use blender…

in windows, the best way to do it is open up a dos shell, then type ftp [the address] and hit enter. cd to the directory you want to put stuff in, then use a simple put command. im sure you can find tutorials on the web on how to use command line ftp clients. and once you know how to use the command line, you dont have to worry if somebody else has a gui ftp client installed on their machine, or if it uses some bizarre ui…

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I like to use FTP explorer. Windows only but very simple and quick with drag and drop. Works just like windows explorer except it’s freeware! (noncommercial, $30 for commercial) It has PASV mode aswell.

It’s a great little program:


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I use Windows Commander for everything.