ftp plugin for online collaboration

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I wonder if there is or ever was some ftp feature/add on/plugin for Blender that will help program to open a .blend file at a server location, work on it and then upload it back to server?

Or is there anybody working on such an idea?


people normally use a system like svn to deal with complex projects that multiple people need to work on over the net. Cause versioning is nice.

Of course nathan has done DBblender, but that was more a proof of concept.

That said… making something that can upload a .blend shouldn’t be too hard. There’s some people that have uploaders for images already.

kinda sounds like this http://verse.blender.org/

Sounds nothing like verse. (Doesn’t even rhyme)

You can do what you are talking about without anything special. Mount the ftp server as part of your file system, and blender can access is just as if it were on your computer.

thanks for quick response.

I though of svn first. But it is not that relevant. svn is more relevant for development.

What I wanna do is different. I’m designing a web-based tool that will allow people to produce a film together online. It’s a film production/management/communication tool.

I thought of a film broken down to shots and each shot is assigned to an animator. So the animator will work with his/her shots .blend file at server. Even rigs or objects in the scene are connected through referencing to files in the server for effectivity reasons like updating/improving of character rigs during project.

So, in short, unlike svn’s development collaboration environment, in this case not more that one person will be operating on each file.

What do you think? Do we have something like this somewhere? Or do we have anyone interested in developing such ftp add-on?


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Thanks for the mounting ftp suggestion.

Yes it is a way, I did it on windows by adding ftp location to my network places (didnt have the time to check howto on my ubuntu). But isnt practical when you consider running a project with so many individuals… It would lead to complications.

The simple idea is, the animator will receive inlogging id and pw for the ftp folder of the assigned shot, through an ftp add on to blender will connect to the folder, from blenders “file” menu, he/she will go to e.g.“open current project shot” and this will open the folder, and eventually latest version of the shot that is WIP. And after the work, again through the e.g “Save incremental in project folder” option in the file menu, the work will be uploaded to server renamed incrementally as the latest version. A practical idea, for security reasons, such files are saved as read only to other project members but read and write allowed to the assigned animator and upwards in the hierarchy…

Maybe some how verse could be used to reach these goals but it seems complicated and not intended for this purpose.

Such an online collaboration can only function through the k.i.s.s. (keep it simple stupid) principle.

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What you are talking about would be probably work best with svn over webdav (or ssh), mounted to your file system. With linux this is cake (google "FUSE filesystems) On windows you’re quite a bit more limited.

svn is not just for group collaboration. It is very handy for keeping track of revisions for any type of work. (Even if there is only one person working on a project)

Well, even though linux is common within blender community, I need a unified simple solution for all, without any need for procedures to be taken care of by each individual.

My web system is being developed with the intention of film production by a crew sitting at home but working together on internet.

I think constructing a simple and goal oriented system is better than understanding details of a svn tool and modify it (since I have no svn experience).

So to keep things simple (by not expecting a technical todo list from each individual member of the system), I want Blender to be able to open a file at ftp server, work on it, and save it back up at server with incremental renaming.

Where do you guys think I should forward this “feature request”?

Tugkan :eyebrowlift:

You can always submit your suggestions at www.blenderstorm.org.
That said, unless you pay somebody, I doubt any such feature will be built anytime soon, especially when solutions like the one I mentioned already exist.
Having a remote svn system mounted to the file system is about as “easy” as it gets. (There are windows solutions for this out there, I’ve just never personally used them myself) For the end user it’s no different than opening any other file on their computer, and when they save over it, svn does the incremental update stuff all on it’s own.

You can get it set up over ftp, but it will take up more server side hard drive space, take more time to upload / download changes, be less secure, and will need a server side automated backup system to ensure incremental files don’t get lost.

Don’t forget that all material for BBB and ED were controlled with SVN. As a simple solution it is probably the best workable and most crossplatform.


OK guys,

Got the picture. Then I will stop being lazy and learn how svn works.

Thank you for your comments.

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