What’s a good FTP client? Not “don’t use CuteFTP” (if something serious has “Cute” in the title, I don’t think it’s serious) or “I use a windows 95 FTp, it works great,” because that doesn’t help me a bit.

Please help! I want an evolving web site on iptic.com and it needs an FTP client!

Go to Tucows, and do a serach for ‘ftp’. There are many good freeware ftp programs. CoffeeCup has a nice freeware ftp program (v1 though) on tucows. You can also use your explorer as ftp, just type ftp://“your-username”@mysite.iptic.com and it should pop-up and ask you for your password. Then you should be able to copy/paste and(or) drag&drop into your iptic space.

smartftp.com is a good windows one… or if you can still find it anywhere… leechftp.