FU-FU 288

Obligatory handheld SF something… something. I download one sexy texture from Megascans for floor, so my plan was to render this in Octane, but countless crashes force me to finally render in Cycles ( without textire :frowning: ). So there is FU-FU…
more pictures on my Artstation ArtStation - Aleksandar Babic


Would love to see some wire frame renders! Amazing work :blush:

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Something with such a great name must be extremely handy. :grin: Really like its details, especially the curved screen, it looks so, so…radiating . :+1:

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Wire? You will have nightmare… :smiley:
This is MoI 3D, mostly. In Blender I model just couple stuff. MOI have nice export, but mesh is nightmare… just like after bolean in Blender. I triangulate mesh, because… n-gons are not good for health :wink: It’s mess, but shading is ok. … more or less.

I chose some really messy details as illustration.