FUBU, the puffer fish (animation)

Fugu is a cute but very poisonous puffer fish. The animation was done in Blender 2.77, rendered in cycles and also the video editing. About a 120 frames were rendered in RenderStreet, in order to finish in time for the #WeeklyCGC.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did doing it and learning new things about animation and Blender in general.


Intro music. Bushido - Adrian von Ziegler
Intro font. Feast of flesh Nate Piekos
Main song. Teddy Brown (1934)
Sound effects. Water drop - djgriffin / Cartoon pop (clean) unfa

Acknowledgements go to Tadeja Vidoni for great advice and support, especially with the compositing and colour management with a daltonic as creator.

The animation was fully done by me as a hobby, no commercial use intended. This work should be shared undera CC BY 2.0
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