fudje's F1 entry, 2007

Fourth time lucky? (my browser keeps crashing!)

As I tried to say already, Not so happy with the way this one is turning out.
The Penismobile! (because that’s how it turned out, not what I was aiming for).

Next step is the wings, then I might cleanup somewhat before deciding whether I should push on with the mechanicals or redo from scratch.

In case you’re wondering, the holes in the sides and bottom of the mesh are provisioning for the mechanicals to stick out (I plan on having a very reflective track, so it’d better be neat, eh?:D)

in my opinion the vehicle looks nice,

but two things to improve: another camera angle to see vehicle better and without that purple fog or something, it disturbs :wink:

Lol, get some better angles and lighting for previews, dont worry about colour at the early stages, certainly dont make it pink/purple when it already looks half like a penis just by its shape.
Make sure the wire frame is optamised/optimised/grphndk (spelling) so that it looks less complex for our benefits, then it will be easier for us to crit.

Yeah, better lighting and some other angles would help at this stage. I was just thinking that perhaps a little less symmetry between the top and bottom of those protrubing elements would make the design a little less phallic.

This design has some real potential - keep it up.

Well I’ve cleaned up a lot, added wings, made quite a few changes to the front, and I reckon I’ll keep going with this one now.

I’ve improved the lighting situation, I think (Any lights at all is better than purely ambient and AO, right? :yes: … :no:), but keep in mind that the final product will have dramatically different lighting. I want to concentrate on the model at this point, so three point is the best you’re going to get.


Much better, a very smooth design.

As far a i can see you have a clean mesh, no triangles is what you are aiming towards, apart from where it is absolutely necessary.

Keep it up.

Hey its a nice concept…very futuristic design…

lookin good, this will be a nice 1

Minor update. Have started doing mechanicals.

Anyone able to offer any pointers on getting a good cast-aluminium finish, btw? I’d prefer to avoid envmaps…

Nice work so far. Looks like it will have wheels??? :slight_smile:

Do you want a smooth or brushed finish?

Smooth, but not polished is what I aim for. I could really do with filters in the material nodes :slight_smile: (Raytraced material -> blur -> output) I don’t think the current pipeline is even capable of handling that, though.
Soft raytraced reflections is something I’m only ever seen in Renderman type renderers. I may have to see what I can do with radiosity, which may be enough.
Currently I’m sort of simulating what actually happens using really dense bumpmap + rayflection + fresnel and a Minnaert diffuse shader, but the results don’t look like they’re going to ever be quite right doing that.

Wheels is possible, but they won’t be like today’s if so…

Yet more horribly small modifications.
I think I’m going to have to clone the front suspension on to the rear - Actually, it wouldn’t be so complex if I wasn’t going for a 4-thingy-drive design :wink:
Transferring power through steering mechanisms is difficult, even in the virtual world. This one is going to have the Range Rover style huge balls CV joints on the front.


… The beveled curves are causing display artefacts again! :ba:

This keeps on looking alot better each time i see this.

1 small crit, that frame work seems a bit exposed given the rest of the style of your peice.

Further advancements. I have now installed the twin-versus V8 engines.
That’s a horizontally opposing (well, they’re actually at 160 degrees to each other so that the crankshafts are closer to the ground) pair of 8-cylinder 60 degree V engines driving separate cranks, linked to the centre differential via a chain drive (the crankheads, chain drive, and diff have not been modelled yet). Both of these engines carry their own supercharger (which is painted blue).
That’s a total of 16 cylinders in a sort of “X” configuration! :spin:


You can see in these orthographics that I’ve been very very lazy and haven’t even made proper exhaust ports or added the seams between the block and heads:


The array modifier is very useful. for making engines with :wink:

I’m thinking about un-painting the Airhorn / supercharger. Any comments as to whether that blue cover looks out of place?

@ TheANIMAL – I’m not entirely sure what you mean, but if you’re talking about the huge hole above the lower sub-frame, there’s a reason for that – I intend to stick a drive axle through that. The corners of it will become much less “exposed” when I get around to fine-tuning the details of the bodywork in that area (I intend to mess with MultiRes, which will probably fail because while you can crease the first level, it doesn’t seem to have any actual effect, and I ain’t putting those creases in manually :no:

Yafray Test! (Not sure I like the blue material on this one, but the reflections show up better on my “cast aluminium”): http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v64/fudje/f1_comp/2007/th_yafray_Test.jpg
I need to add a gig more memory before I try that again!

Hey, it’s starting to look pretty nice.

Looking very nice indeed! I am hoping there will be a suspension to match on the other side?

I like the new ones.In about the 3rd render down i think it looks like the specter off Halo2.
And the other on up there looks like a penis.

Very stiff competition if you keep going like this, still, the best ones are going to look even better.

Almost forgot to put these up!

Latest renders (with Yafray – I added that extra GB of memory and am back to the situation where it’s rendering faster than blender internal - I may have to add photons or something to fix that). I haven’t done too much, mostly messed with the paintwork – I’m just playing around with what materials I might want to use, so those ugly seams are not going to stay. I will be UV-Mapping stencils for them (and then we’ll see what can be done with nodes, MUAHAHA!)
I’ve also modelled some exhaust manifolds and the lower half pipes (no muffler at the moment, heh), and removed the auxiliary air intakes on the top. They looked like crap. I’m just going to suck the air in from the inside of the engine covers as per the original plan – you will be able to see these eventually, in reflection and the far side of the car will still be visible, but they’re a fine detail and haven’t been added yet.

You can also clearly see the suspension on both sides, currently at a weird angle because when I was making it I hadn’t noticed that it was tilted up 13.something degrees, making mirrored duplicates interesting. I’m going to rig it for the purposes of easily changing the angle – double wishbone suspension is cool, but needs careful attention when moving, as the geometry changes unless your wishbones are the same length… which they’re not.

Messing with camera angles:

And the plain old presentation view:

Edit: Thanks to M@dcow for the awesome AngMap sky. It’s probably a shame I’m only using it for material testing…

Now with Wheels! Only two at the moment, and no tyres… the tyres are complicated.

And brakes and stuff. I’ve rigged the front suspension/wheels to move easily now, so that I could show them off.