Fuel Fitting

I am trying to create a simple fitting but feel like I am doing it the hard way. The nut on the bottom has a round fitting for the fuel line. Should I create two objects and join them or is there a better way?


I’d keep the metal object and the (what looks like) plastic object as separate objects. For the hex nut to transition to a circular shape, just subdivide the 6 edges of the nut to divide them into 3 and then slide them towards the edges. Then extrude and scale them all inwards before turning them into a circle with LoopTools.

Yes, and while doing all of this, go and and put the fuel-fitting (or, for now, a simple cylinder of the same scale …) in place. Is it big and prominent, likely to attract anyone’s attention, or is it simply a prop? Use this to decide how much time and attention to devote to it.

Thanks John.

Several Questions. Do you subdivide or add loop cuts? If I subdivide I get parallel and vertical cuts. Also, how are you adding loop cuts on the top of the nut?

I used Ctr+R. Then either scale the resulting 2 points apart or use GG to slide them. I made a flat hexagon first. Once it was done and divided I just used extrude followed by scale a couple of times with LoopTools Circle thrown in where appropriate.

So, once hexagon has those extra vertices: E (and cancel extrusion), S (inwards a tiny bit), E (and cancel extrusion), S (inwards a bigger bit), Looptools (Circle), E (and cancel extrude), S ( a wee bit). Then it’s just a case of extruding the hex part down and the circular part up.

You could of course start the hex part and the circular parts as separate objects and then join and combine them. Just make sure the number of vertices in your circle match the bolt.

Thanks. It’s amazing how complex a simple object can be!

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