Full app crash using posse library in 2.60

Hey does any of you get a full app crash each time you want to add a new posse into the an existing posse library of an armature? could any one try this out, just grab an armature and try to shift-l to add a new posse, I crash every single time, on my old 2.59 build the posse library systems works perfect so I’m guessing something is a miss on the 2.60 series.

Oh and I tried to do this with many builds form graphicall.org, and with the official build, all of them yield the same result, a full app crash.

This is a known bug caused by some changes Campbell made to some Keying Sets to fix some other bugs. Is on the list of things to get fixed.

Ah dude! thanks, its so bad tho, I liked the new 2.60 version a lot, sucks that I cant use the posse library but I’m happy they are aware of the problem.

OH!!! no wonder!!! thanks i was just going to ask about this…
they need to fix this asap…!!! what a bummer !!!
back to 2.59 i go…
if the developers know something doesn’t work they should put red letters next to it(broken!! if needed use blender version #) LMAO…

Will be fixed in 2.60a http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Ref/Release_Notes/changelog_260a