Full body rig inside - problem with deformation

Greetings everybody,

Here is a rig I have been working on for a project lately, using “stretch to” constraints to simulate the muscle stretching and contracting. You may download a BLEND file of the base rig here (still needs to be further set-up and tweaked fully, bones need to be named as well as sized properly). I don’t mind if anybody uses the rig but please give me credit if you decide to use it. I’m still looking for better solutions for some things, the feet for example. :slight_smile:


Now when I tried to parent the armature to a model I was not able to make it deform the mesh. I tried envelopes (I scaled up the radius) and vertex weights but I just don’t seem to be able to make any model deform with that rig. I then built another less complex armature for that project which works fine. Oh, and I should mention that I’m working on this in 2.4 RC1, since I saved in there I can’t open the file in 2.37. I’ve build parts of the rig separately in 2.37 (an arm for example), and that works fine too.


Help and suggestions are very much appreciated! :smiley:


Not realy related to your question, but your rig looks a little bit over complicated. I’ll comment first on the spine: 3 to 4 spine bones tops. Spine should be straight, otherwise when turning the torso left or right , it will turn tilted at an angle, not horizontal. Use a single bone for the ribcage spines, because in reality they are fused too; not bendable.

Not that I’ve tried it but the recommendation for 2.4 is not to parent mesh to armature but to apply “deform” to the armature (F9>Armature Bones). Also, iirc, if you want to use envelopes, I believe you have to make sure you’ve selected the envelope option in the deform options and probably de-select vertex groups there.

Since you don’t include a Mesh I can’t test the parenting thing. So, seeing your rig has 2 levels (the skeleton and the stretch bones) you are going to have to assign Vertex Groups for the StretchTo’s anyway, I would bite the bullet and assign groups for the skeleton too.

I have only experimented with envelopes, never really worked with them so I’m probably predjudiced.


Hello there,

Thank you all very much for your replies, I am sorry it took me so long to post again! My problem was that I unable to make the rig deform any mesh, no matter if I used envelopes or vertex weights. I rebuilt the armature in 2.40 and the problem seems to be solved. So here is a new approach to the rig, I left it in half to make it easier to adjust to varied meshes.

Here is the link: http://www.primatestudios.com/temp/human_base_rig.blend

I have a new question though: How can I mirror the armature and keep the contraints intact? I duplicated the rig in object mode, scaled it by -1, and then flipped the L/R names. All constaints on both sides still work then, but when I join the two armatures into one all constraints on one side get deleted.

Matt :slight_smile: