Full daylight simulation, auto day/night cycle.

Last Update of sources (Blender files): November 2017

this is not a single image render work! This is realtime/games.
A video for a first impression:

Go to breakfast in the morning. Take time to see this beautiful video for a start in a fantastic day.
This is a high quality video for internet.

The work shows a realtime simulation of a daily routine on a South Pacific island. This work is a slow game, which is the most realistic representation of a imaginary place. The simulation is intended to provide the best possible feeling of moods in one day at a given time.
Have fun.

Here my framework for a complete daylight simulation.
It is easy to exchange the scene. Automatic shadows, comets on the night sky, and many more. Check out the runtime for a first impression.

The daylight frame work has 25 FPS on a small dual core based computer with a simple onboard graphic card (Intel Graphic). The caribian resort simulation needs more power.

This framework simulates daylight over a day. Sky color, light intensity and light color depend on the time of day. The shadow cast depends on the time of day. Shadows are automatically generated by all objects. The shadows can be controlled with the material. The current scene can easily be replaced by another scene. The water is based on the martinsh-shaders.

Include wave and cricket noice, depending of the distance! :eyebrowlift2:

Note: It works also with the UPBGE!!! Only the wave cups are different. :yes:

Beautiful surface of a caribian island. Coral reef, boat, houses, lounge, bathroom, realistic camp fire, trees, flowser, etc., simulated sky, stars, sun, comets in the night, realistic water with waves on the sand at night, light depending of the day time, simulated shadows depending of the day time.

Noise level and volume is dependent on the distance!

Known bugs::o

Nice to have::confused:
Animated clouds, animated stars at night.

see below.

Have fun…

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Note: A commercial use without permission of the author is not permitted. The work is under GNU public licence. The software is free for private use. For commercial use, I ask you to inform me beforehand. Commercial use without the author’s consent is not permitted. The software is protected by copyright.

Daylight simulation - actual downloads (Version 15):
for different graphic power (depending of resulution):

Key codes:
-ESC_________________Programm exit
-H___________________Help page for all actual controls


wow, danke! hab lange gesucht…
hast du lust bei unserem spielprojekt mitzuwirken?

Was ist das für ein Projekt? Wo kann ich mir das mal ansehen? Wie soll das Projekt organisiert werden und wer hat es initiiert?

Viele Grüße

Great project! I wished I had the time to combine that with my old attempt which was constructed in a complicated way and I have almost forgotten how :slight_smile: If you like some parts be free to make use of it.

Hi musikai,
nice work. The walk of the women is pretty good. There are some addustments required for the new Blender 2.7x to have a correct view. On my computer the graphic has some bugs.
Good job, Peter.

Hi Peter,
thanks! Not sure about the graphic bugs, but I experience some things like lighting has changed (in 2.67 the shadow areas of objects were more lighten), physics are different (the pole sticks on the Kayak canal fall off) etc. Tried it now with UPBGE and the whole sky is dark :frowning:
But don’t let’s discuss my project in your thread. Just if you perhaps know of a list of what changed between 2.67 and 2.7x then you could give me a hint.
Keep up the good work!

Version 19 available!
I have upload a new version V.19 of the day/night cycle. The new version has much more better textures.

You can find the new Blender-File at the download “Latest Blender file”, at below (first page of this thread). In this new version the illusion of beach waves at night I have perfected.

The resolution is now fix (1280x720=Full HD).
With a fixed screen resolution I can better compare the graphics performance. But you can change this value in the Blender file at any time.

And I have upload a UPBGE optimized version (shader optimized).

In addition… the complete framework for “ready to use…”. Delete template and import your own scene in the day/night cycle frame! :cool:
(download see below…)

And for a quick test…: a runtime is also avablable (based on Blender 2.78c VC-preversion=please download the new runtime version) for relaxing or virtual holiday :smiley: for Windows 64 operating system (min. 8 MB RAM required).

I have test the .blend file with Blender 2.78 and UPBGE 0.1.4. It is running on both frames. The UPBGE is a little bit rawer on the graphic, as specialy at night the wave tops are to hard. You have the best result with the original Blender frame.

Please try it and let me know some bugs.

If you jump into the boat, jump from the right top. If you jumps from another side, the boat can a lot vary on the beach. Then simply jump out again, try new position and jump into it again. The error I have not yet figured out.


Some nice impressions:

For an optimal result I recommend to look at the simulation in a dark room. Take the time, especially. The simulation runs automatically or manually (Fast forward). The software develops a feeling for the user when he takes time. As in reality.

TIP: This simulation is only for high power graphic cards. :eyebrowlift:


Moin! Was für Projekt ist das? Braucht Ihr noch Mitarbeiter oder?

Quick info: The differences between Blender 2.79 and UPBGE 0.2.0

  1. Blender original: Sun on 11:30, sand is ok.

  2. UPBGE 0.2.0 (latest version 09/21.2017): same time 11:34, sand is multy color

Night sceen

  1. Top picture: Blender original: sea waves ok
  2. Bottom picture: UPBGE 0.2.0 (latest version 09/21.2017): neon effects over the sea

UPBGE has significant differences in render engine.

I have update the runtime and source with some details (see first post in this thread). More textures are updated with normals, displacements etc. The scene is now more realistic.

Important note: It is not possible to bake some textures. If the texture is baked, the dynamics of the texture gets lost on the incidence of light to react. Just to be tested with this simulation as realistic a real time display is possible.

If I have more time, I would like to create a historical castle with this basic framework from this thread. If any is intrested to work with, let me know.

New Video for a first impression:

And a littel boat trip to the next island. Take time to see this beautiful video for a start in a fantastic day.
This is a high quality video for internet.