Full final Sculpture with textures and Backround

(H-C) #1


please give your comments on the backround, i personally like it. two medieval kind of trees in a medieval kind of garden with real dirty Rocks etc going through the centre

(Jolly Gnome) #2

Looks awesome! :o
and because I always find something to nag about (;)) the road (?) texture is too blocky… you can see immediately that it’s made of limites size blocks, and there becomes the dintinctive pattern

(sten) #3

Blocky ?

eh…I think the whole picture is great !!

did u use z-blur plugin ? or post processed it in PhotoShop ?

the Depth of Field looks kind of strange…but great that u used it…it is hard to get it right with z-blur plugin…

I want to test and idea concerning DOF, and it is to use a Depth Map of
the Z-depth and use it as a overlay mask on top of the final normal
rendering image… you can read all about it here from Jeremy Birn:

but I havent managed to do it yet with Blender and PhotoShop,
but I hope I will soon…and if…then I will make a tutorial for it,
but first if I can manage it…

(H-C) #4

yeah ill take a look at the stuff thanks for all the help, also is it possible to do all that layering stuff with blender? because i dont have lightwave or any of that other stuff. oh yeah i blurred it in Paintshop pro

(BgDM) #5

WOW! :o Really great piece of work H-C, (Funny name. It’s the same as the company I work for HC Equipment, hmmmmmmmmm).

I agree with Jolly Gnome about the road/path texture, it is repeating a fair bit, but that canbe fixed easily enough. Only suggestion I have is to maybe add a stucci or noise procedural to the statue to break it up a bit. Too clean and crisp for my taste. Especially if it is outside, should have some grime, water stains, etc.


(blengine) #6

whoa that looks great! the whole thing has a great style to it!
just a couple beefs:
the ground texture is too repetitive =\ kind of looks like a game texture and the stature doesnt have enough texturing, still kind of looks like a falt gray shade…
the lighting and trees are awesome, did u use radiosity to light the scene?