Full Final Sculpture

Ok i have finished the modelling. i still dont think this is finished, im experimenting with textures but at the moment leaving it like this gives it a almost marble effect. I shall Also be Making a site when i get a Digital camera.



if you would like a 1024-768 version for a backround Pls be patient i shall have it all on my new Site.

[email protected]

really cool sculpture…and add some great light for shadowing…

5 spots pointed from same-spread-out location, and each light
at 0.200 and at least 10 samples…and soft at 20 :smiley:

that is great lightsettings…Hollywood uses it :stuck_out_tongue:

and yes…also some grainy surface on the model,
use some noise plugin (Blender’s own sucks) and put some
nice bumpmapping to it :stuck_out_tongue:

that is sweeeet!

very nice, nice to see the head on this version. I like it.


I like it! great style!

Did I hear you say in a previous post that this is only your second model with Blender???

If so, Wowza! :o

I have a feeling the Elysiun forums will be seeing a lot more of you :wink:

Here is a Update of my Sculpture the Lighting has been improved and the Shadows look much better.



that looks much better, tell me how u did it :smiley: ?