full fps tutorial for noobs and pros

Hey everybody im in the prosses of making a full fps tutorial iv already put up 5 parts go ahead and take a look http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sKqwoD3GZ8k

hmm dont say noobs say beginners

How is it for pros?

are you really wasting 9 mins to model a weapon in front of us ?


beginners need help with ever part of a fps trust me on this i remember because it was not to long ago i just wanted to help out and the beginners seam to like it so please don’t say waste our time… you could just skip to the next part of the tutorial. Even many of the more famous blender gurus such as yomanz and sagdread spend alot of time on modeling the weapon i only spend 1 video most of them spend even more time then 1 video.

sagedread did not model anyhthing…
yomanz still used the empty technique…
we use rays nowadayz

after sitting through 14 MINS!!! of redundancy, this may sound a little harsh.

  1. You could save 14 faces, because you don’t need faces you can’t see.
  2. You stressed do not join the pump to the rest of the shotgun pointlessly. Have you ever heard of armatures.
  3. You forgot that little thing that sticks out at the bottom, its called the trigger, its kinda needed
  4. You should start making tutorials at about 5 months of experience.
  5. Instead of clicking menus, perhaps learning the shortcut keys that are right next to the buttons in the menus, it will save time that you keep wasting.
  6. You repeated the chain of parent.
  7. You waste alot of time, if you realise that you made a mistake in the first video, then do it again. none of this, ‘move the bar out then back in just to make the video longer.’
  8. And don’t type something up, then type over it saying, ‘Ignore this part, i deleted my other videos’.

KK, sorry for that, if it can be useful to anybody, let it be then haahah

btw : as "Hellooo" said, be sure to really master your art before
posting any kind of tutorial. Otherwise, you may direct folks in
the wrong direction. In such case, your tutorial could be even
more damaging than no tutorial :frowning:

…so yea, be sure to master your art

You can even ask some questions before making a tutorial, there’s
a lot of masters around here who are gonna be glad to tell you and
than you can put that in your tutorial properly

hello i under stand all of what you have said… i have 2 years of off and on experience. i am adding the trigger during the animation part. I’m not sure what ‘bar’ you are talking about to make the video longer. i deleted the old mouse look tutorial because i had the wrong blender version when i got my new p.c so i made the tutorial with the wrong blender i soon realized that and put a new tutorial up. I originally put these tutorials up just to help my friend who had just started blender but i decided to try to help more people. some people are making a big deal over the armature or parent, i don’t believe its that big of a deal its more beginner friendly than armatures in my opinion and it only decreases fps about 2 fps

i started blender 1 month ago and i can do a better job,… and i am still a kid too…
not to be critical but it is the thruth…
i learned from tuts like yours,…
but they put me in bad habits when i used the BGE
so i quit it and looked on the forums
and found many Grade A help

i dont think having a kid has to do with anything im 12 but i dont bring that up why should you…