Full Metal Alchemist episodes

Hey guys

Anyone here a fan of Full Metal Alchemist?
I got up to episode 51 and cant seem to find any other. It didnt stop there did it? God i hope not.

I haven’t watched since about ep39, but my guess is that they just didn’t get around to subbing the latest episode yet.

But yes, it’s getting quite near the end. Actually… originally I was thinking it’s supposed to be 56 episodes, but now I keep thinking 52. Maybe it is over.

It’s probably going to end at 51 (haven’t watched it myself).
There’s a movie scheduled for after christmas taking place 2 years after the end of the tv series.


My understanding was that animes usually have 26 episode seasons, so it would’ve made sense to go to episode 52. Unless they just ran out of ideas or something.

Nowadays, this is less and less true.


Doing a bit of research, i also think a 52nd ep is unlikely. Damn. I dont like how 51 ended. Maybe i should watch it again. Hope the movie wraps everything up from the series.

hehehe, seems i may have been mistaken. I look again, and it seems i only have up to 50. My bad…now for ep 51…

If you only saw up to 50, then I have to agree, how it ended isn’t really happy. Though I’m not really convince the real ending will be much more happy. Could be surprising, they keep throwing twists at us.


Really nice ending. I’m sure nobody saw all of it coming (though part of it was in direct line with the whole show).

I’m going to get the DVDs as soon as they hit the stores (supposidly after february).


For those of us who have only seen a few episodes, the series starts in the US on Adult Swim, Cartoon Network, Saturday Nov 6 at 11:30PM.

Yeah, i really liked that ending. Havent seen an ending that good in an anime series in a long time. Not a full happy ending, but its more than your usual. Seems like i want a second series, with that ending but at the same time, its kinda satisfying.

Now i cant wait for the movie. I hope wrath is in it.

Oh yeah, it got licensed by funimation. Hope they dont bastardise it. We’ll see how it goes.

What is this show?

Whats it about? :-?


The trailer isn’t so bad as far as trailer goes, but the quality of the video is crap which makes the animation/drawings looks bad, even in the high quality version.


Where can I download the actual shows from?

And is it free?

You can’t it’s on US tv

(at least thats the impression I got

I’m in OZ.

Oh well. :frowning: