Full Moon

Hey Guys just wanted to hear some critique on one of my renders.

… I know the tree could be better i guess I’m going to replace it but i wanted to know your oppinion on the render
And it may be a bit too dark but I’m not shure about that.

Nice concept, couple of things I would point out though:

I think you need to make your moon quite a bit brighter. It should be very bright in the scene, unless it’s obscured by clouds. Also, for balance’s sake, I would flip the tree to the other side, and perhaps add a few more in the foreground. That way you will have near ground, middle ground, and far afield.

You might also throw in some moonlit clouds to even out the scene’s brightness.

Keep it up!

Hi 3Ditor,

I spent the last five minutes typing a nice thing about the grass, only to re-read your post and realized the grass was just temporary anyway! =\

This picture has a great start, but like ampace said, the balance seems off a little. Right now, you’ve got two main subjects occupying the leftmost quarter of the frame, leaving the right area very empty. It tends to bunch everything up and make the picture feel “cramped” and unbalanced.

Other than that, it’s a nice idea. I have no clue whether or not it should be brighter, as I have no idea how to do night shots. =)

All in all, very nice! As ampace said: Keep it up! =D


thanks, I’m gonna try it :slight_smile:

acually not ^^ i said I’ll replace the tree / make a new one because I’m not that happy with it and leave the grass as it is, but thanks for the compliment on the grass :wink:

heres a new version:

With lighter moon new scene arrangement (hope it’s the right word, I’m german) and a new Tree generated with Sapling (a really great addon!!!).

I’m liking the new arrangement of the scene!

I’m not so sure about the grass, though. The foreground grass looks more like a sparse brillo pad than grass, unfortunately. The grass in the background should be what the grass in the foreground looks like, as the scale seems off. In the distance, you really shouldn’t be able to see individual blades. The grass in the background makes the scene’s scale look off, as the blade scale should be moved toward the camera. In other words: the grass far away looks awesome, but it should look like that closer to the camera, and the grass far away should probably just be a low resolution stand-in for grass.

Hope that makes sense… =\


From what I understand about photography, if you were to go outside at night and try to take this photo, it would not work. This is because the moon is really bright. So basically if you wanted to be able to have the grass and landscape show up, the moon would be way over-exposed. And vise-versa, if you wanted the moon to showup, the landscape would appear way underexposed. The way you would get around this in photography would be to use a filter, gradiant filter, or a spot-filter (a word I just made up to describe a filter in the shape of a circle placed over the moon on your lens) to attenuate the intensity of the moon, thus allowing you to take a longer exposure and have the moon and landscape exposed evenly. The stars are also going to need a long exposure time to showup as well, so the moons intensity/exposure time will have an impact on their visibility in the image as well.

I hope I make sense, and I really like the way the landscape along the horizon looks!

The new scene arrangement is a lot better. When i last tried a nightshot, I found that you almost got to rely on tricks they use in feature films too, that is to make the scene a bit brighter than you think it should be, maybe even more than what is physically possible, but keep it a very cool color. You’d be surprised how much light there is when its a full moon.

Can I ask how you made your moon?

I think some wearing around the bench is needed, and the grass issues that have already been mentioned stand out the most to me. keep it up!!

If you’d want a photography with both the landscape and moon visible without under- or overexposure you could take several pictures with different exposures and make an HDR of them that you’d tonemap to get the areas you want as you want them.

Looks nice but as someone said to many things on the left side.

It has a great start. Keep in mind that nature in 3D is on of the most difficult things to do so props for doing it :D. However, I would say the moon is way to big in ratio with the tree and bench.

not bad, definitely make the moon extra-bright though. When you look at the full moon at night, it appears to be a bright, pure white. Like Tweak3D said also, you can put a lot of bluish/greyish light on the landscape too. In film they sometimes put a blue filter on the camera, film in daytime, and try to make it look like night time. It’s called “day for night”.

You might consider adding slight translucency to the tree leaves also.