Full motion game thingie question

(CubeFan973) #1

Are there any free programs that allow you to use full-motion video for a game? I’d like to make a game that uses Blender animations in a “Dragon’s Lair” style.

(valarking) #2

that would be very very easy to do in c++. as for free premade programs, im sure there are some out there, but go ahead, it feels like cheating to me to make a game out of someone else’s engine, or worse a game maker.

(CubeFan973) #3

Valar King, have you played “Dragon’s Lair?” Do you know how to play it? If not, it’s like this:

In the first part of the game, Dirk (main character) goes across a bridge. It breaks, and some tenticles reach for him. You must press a certain button (on the GBC version, it’s A) to get up and get away; otherwise you’ll get killed.

Anyway, how do you do it in C++, or if at all possible, Python? (Downloaded this morning, haven’t done a single useful thing in it, but have made some pretty dumb conversations!)

(nerddogs) #4

I loved Dragon’s Lair when I was 14. I spent many quarters in the arcade. There is really no live action in DL so as a game it would be really easy to set up as far as logic and controllers goes. But as far as animation goes it would be really really hard. Because you would have to render lots of different scenes. Think of all the different ways Dirk gets killed. You would have to animate all those scenes. Anyone remember Space Ace?

(CubeFan973) #5

Yeah, it would take forever to do the game (especially if I do over 23 levels, which I plan to do), but still…

I’ve only played “Dragon’s Lair” on the Game Boy Color, but it was pretty cool. You’re right, with all those levels (from the drink me to the crossing over fire thing), it would take forever, but there was only two choices for everything: Do the right thing, or get killed.

(Billiam) #6

Does anyone remember Firefox? It wasn’t in the same kind of playing league as Dragons Lair, but it did improve on the the Laser Disc technology somewhat… It interleaved the video in half-second pieces showing the ships either flying or blowing up depending on what interleaved segment the laser disc player decided to show you.

The upshot is that by using this technique you could have two outcomes and they would play back instantly with no drop-outs. I think that today you could do something similar with either an interleaved video clip or a series of mpegs branching off into different options…