Full Plate Armor

Some obvious WIP qualifiers - the shoulder twist, the crooked visor (nerd!), the 5-minute background, and the pose.

The close shot is just an unedited subsurf, so it’s warped a bit.

776 triangles (3256 with the subsurf), additional LODs to come. The flail is 411 tris so it needs some chewing for a lower LOD. The reference model (not shown) is 5724 triangles. But I keep it as quads except at corners, so subsurf behaves and loop-select works.

I’m still working on the style, like the bumps and ridges. I want to do something more extreme, not just variations on Googled pictures of fairly plain suits. Also I want it to have color, preferably 2 main colors. Maybe a tabard and a plume.

I want it to be exportable, so it can’t use anything only Blender can do. There’s a bunch of extra bones at the joints, so even engines that don’t do weighted vertices will have decent joints once I set them up better than that @#$%`^& armpit! I had the joints OK on the previous version - the pauldrons (shoulder plates) were the worst part, cutting into the rest of the shoulder (ow!) The knee and elbow plates move fine since those joints only bend one way.

No face behind the visor yet. That will need bigger eye slits with either alpha or actual holes. Or an open-face helm, but my tries at those have been uber-dorky looking.

Not enough chain mail showing - not because there should be more gaps in the plate but it just looks pretty good at that range, and makes bending easier to manage.

Critiques are welcome, if they’re constructive or at least funny, preferably both.

Dave Heinemann, 2nd year noob.

Cool. Could be used in a game. The cuirass needs a better shape…