Full Screen Anti-Aliasing (NFAA, DLAA, SSAA)

I recently stumbled upon a GameDev.net thread regarding shader based antialiasing and they work!
There are several implementations, some faster and cheaper, some more advanced. And here are some of them in BGE :slight_smile:
I`ll play with them a little more, maybe I can come up with something new :stuck_out_tongue:

My favorite is DLAA at the moment(though not yet fully implemented). SSAA is the fastest one.

Links to original sources: NFAA, DLAA, SSAA

Links to BGE 2D Filters: NFAA, DLAA, SSAA

comparison screenshot (from upcoming demo :wink: ):

an example blend is in this thread:

Thats the quality you are known for :smiley:
AWESOME :slight_smile:

You are finally back,

Or at least i am seeing your post after a long time.

And antialising , we really need it.

That’s awesome.

nice Ilike the plastic effect

Nicely done as always. :wink:

Very nice! I always thought shader based AA is a gimmick that blurs the whole scene, but this actually looks decent.

Another great work from martinish, I lost the count !! you’re amazing :wink: , by the way… awesome video the one with reflective balls, do you think is possible to reflect themselves and not only the envoirement?

martinish, sweet, waiting for .blend example :smiley: good work, that’s got a nice look

Man this comunity misses you, thanks for share!!!

This looks great!

Very cool, but martinish, that scene reminds me of the scene I saw in the promo video of the new Frostbite engine.
Is that possible?

The scene is 100% my own, but made with Cornell Box and Mirrors Edge in mind :slight_smile:
here is the full room.

Nicely done. What’s the FPS like?

empty Blender scene ~640fps (Rasterizer 0.5ms)
demo scene ~440fps (Rasterizer 1.1ms)
with AA ~400fps (Rasterizer 1.4ms)

framerate depends of how many objects are visible in the window.

The shotgun’s texturing and the sterile level made me think of Rainbow Six Vegas, or, what Ubisoft was aiming to have made based on what I can see: how are you already surpassing the look of things that come from the industry? How is that possible!? :eek:

Clearly amazing, but looking at the clarity in the shotgun (The one I made is very crude, hence why I ask) what resolution texture did you use?

(The reflection on the plastic, shader, baked environment map or some kind of magic?)

shotgun is a really old and low-poly model (2005 or 06 I think), texture for shotgun is 1024x1024.
reflection: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=209688&pagenumber=

Nice, the pallets really need a little bevel on the corners they look way too sharp.

The reflection mapping works with ATI, but the AA doesn’t.

The really nice thing is that the reflection mapping works with texture face materials too… :slight_smile:

@Smoking_mirror I got the SSAA to work on my ATI… (The effect was quite subtle, especially given the scene - just a house I modelled for my project)

how to run this filters?