Full Screen/Resolutions

Is there away to change the resolutions/make the game full screen for when you press P? I tried to make the game full screen by changing the settings in the game framing settings, but it did nothing. I assume that is only for exe compilation, but maybe it is because I am using a mac. I am trying to create a forest, but I cannot know if the game is going to be fast enough if I don’t know what resolutions the game is running at.

i would like to add another question to this topic- is it possible to detect the current display resolution and adapt to it automatically ?

You’re right. Full screen is for the .exe (.app for macs). I don’t think right now there is any way to change the resolution in-game.

When in Blender, if you make the game window cover the entire screen the game is basically running at the same resolution as your desktop.

The Game Framing Options change the resolution for a runtime (executable). There are no ways to change the resolution WITHIN the blend file that I know of, but it is possible to use command-line arguments to launch the game with different resolutions. To do this, you can basically create a shortcut to your game file on your desktop and then modify what it points to.

Something like “mygame.exe -width 800 -height 600” might do it. I don’t know the specific command line arguments though, so “width” and “height” may not be correct.

Using this, you can create an external “launcher” program that launches the game with different arguments.

Hope that helps!


Thanks. I wonder what the default settings are for the blend file. Probably higher than 800 600 I guess.

For changing the resolution in-game, you can have a selector that prints your resolution choice to a text file that the game reads each time it starts. Then have a “Your changes will be applied when you restart the game” message.
A lot of games do that.