full sphere skybox, need help!

ok, so in a space game, you would need a full sphere for a skybox right?

so that is what i havge done, but i am having a few problems.

1.how can i texture the inside of the sphere and not get creepy distorion?

2.it has spec, and so when you are flying around the skybox has a spec, which looks really offputting?

thanks, blah :smiley:


yes, UV texture a sphere it’s not easy…
Why don’t you use the “world” color and then add billboard planes or only
spheres sections(parabolic) to add stars and other?!


The very name “Skybox” implies a “box” not a sphere.

I wrote a skybox tut a while back:

i have no clue what you just said, but i would like to know! thanks

oh, and social, sorry i guess it shuld be called a skysphere in this case then.

I think otto means to not use a skybox, but to just use the world setting for the background colors and stars.

Then when you are flying around, add some spheres for the stars/whatever you are passing(use emties), or just a flat plane with a star texture on it, and use billboard so it tracks to the camera.

Although that you can see it turn and it looks funny, but adding different sized stars as you need them would work.

That help? I hope, i hope.

Why can’t you use a skybox? <- was what I really meant.

A valid alternative, but compared to a skybox it’s still too messy.