Full time position in Vancouver (San Francisco & Los Angeles may also be considered)

An interactive media company with a division in Vancouver (also San Francisco and Los Angeles, but we prefer someone in Vancouver) is looking for a Blender artist with at least 3 years experience with Blender, who is an expert in all areas of Blender, including BGE. You should be able to do all aspects of 3D asset creation, including modeling, rigging, animation, texturing, and using the physics simulation in Blender. Knowledge of scripting in Blender is a bonus.

I’d like to go to Vancouver! I have about 6 years of experience with blender…
Check out my youtube channel;
and Facebook.

i would love to got to vancouver

Hello there, i just wantet to say id love to help you,here are my skills

-humans (basemesh)
-sci-fi stuff
-big environemts ( natural as well as towns)
– other stuff—
-compositor (highly knowledge)
-node editor(highly knowledge)
-realistic texturing with normalmaps etc(all that mapping stuff :D)
-LIGHTING(spezialized on it)

  • i can notice failures on millimeters with my bare eye(i got a perfect eye) :).
    -Photoshop(some basics and metal textures.)
    -shadows(spezialized too)
    -unreal engine(pretty much all :D)
    -(i can a basic rig too,but i expand my knowledge from day to day :).

I have 3 year experience in Blender
This is my work.

a header in Blendernation.com

mi mail: [email protected]

Hello, I can design, animate , rig, and program using logic and python.
I have been helping people learn blender for over three years… I have been using blender for almost 10 years.

I am currently managing a nonprofit game, that is to compete with large coorperate game engines, Made in the bge.

I have a few assets that no one else has ever done, one of them is a fully dynamic rig, that balances using torque and forces, and can have an infinite number of animation states applied on top of each other.

My portfolio: http://www.limbopeak.net

Nine years experience in all aspects of blender. Except for scripting, which I am presently learning.
I have close proximity to LA and San Francisco, and could relocate on my own dime easily. Might also be willing (if able) to relocate to Vancouver if you’re interested and willing to share more information.