Full-time programmer looking for Full-time blender user for Game-Making Partnership

(Ben Clevenger) #1

I am a full time programmer working in Unity, as well as Xcode making games and applications. I am proficient in blender, but taking the time to model and animate grinds into time that I could be working on code. I am looking for a dedicated artist that has a mutual interest in creating games and applications in order to build up a portfolio.

My interests include games and applications fit for mobile devices to be placed on the apple and google app stores. I also have interest in developing games that can be installed on both windows and Mac through itch.io, game jolt, and steam.

This is a great opportunity for any artist in need for portfolio material, experience on a team, as well as anybody who would like to see their hard work put to use in something that can be downloaded through mainstream sites and stores.

To clarify, I am looking for only one artist to partner with. I do not have the desire to create a large team. I wish to place the work in my portfolio and I want to take full credit for the code that is produced, as the artist can take full credit for the art that is produced! I would like to use discord to keep in contact and VOICE IS REQUIRED. In my experience, communication is difficult and slow without the ability to speak through voice.

Artist must be able to dedicate 20+ hours weekly. I dedicate 40+ hours weekly so if this is unrealistic for you, then you are not what I am looking for.

You can contact me by message on the blender artist forums, or even better you can e-mail me at [email protected]. I am also on Discord : Wammoh#8082

A few examples of my work are below: