Full warthog recreation in blender , screenshot posted

i used the vehical3 .blend added my own meshes and did a few tweakes (properties and coding itself) got the 4 wheel steering the swing arms and im thinking about trying to recreat halo itself (send me a message if u feel like helping):cool: http://www.savefile.com/files/1148968
i know it needs textures and a turret, im workin on it
Thanks Joel

You should Post images on www.imageshack.us
About the Warthog, it looks kinda skinny.

This thread belongs in WIP, not Support and Discussion.

Don’t waste thoughts on pointless fantasies. Regardless of how simple Halo may look compared to todays games, it is still quite complex. To put it another way; your chances of actually accomplishing such a feat are 0.001%.

Warthog is one thing, Halo is another.

Good Luck.

Quite cool :slight_smile: Although I do disagree Social, the will is the way :slight_smile: You wan’t to do it? Then do it! XD It’s better to try and fail, than not try at all XD

One man team to recreate halo…No offense but dont think so. And yeah the warthog doesnt look very tough.

Heh, “Polly want a cracker?”. <- figure it out.

One should constantly gauge the difficulties of any given task, along with how much time and energy such a task would require. Then based on those observations one can determine if a project is actually within the scope of his/her abilities.

That’s what it means to be realistic.

So, given that time and energy are both finite resources, we can reach the following conclusion: Only a complete dumbass would try absolutely everything.



social I believe you also said the same thing about me.
on topic: I havent seen the model since I am at school,but I will check later

hahahaha, Halo does not look simple, i dont care if its 1, 2 or 3 none of them are anywhere near simple. And yes one man recreating this, it is a slim chance thats y i asked for help from people that actually Know what there doing , getin at that socail y dont i c u on any projects. How bout instead of saying " haha it cant be done u actually try a challenging progect with someone. I realize that there would be posibly more than 25 scripts runing at once so optimization would be a priority. And i have quite a bit or coding experiance im working on learing more C# rite now, i didnt bring this up for people to say it cant be done when nearly anything can be done in blender if u know what your doing. So who would give trying this a chance and helping out. o and the warhog has the same measurments as the one in halo its the camera angel that makes it look skiny
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yay flame thread :smiley:

no seriously , socials right.
u need to be aware of ur abilities.
instead of asking if social has worked on any major projects, why dont u ask yourself if u can make a fully working fps setup.

then, maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe u have a chance of creating HALO.

the problem with saying

one man recreating this, it is a slim chance thats y i asked for help from people that actually Know what there doing

is that halo isn’t just a “challenging project”, it was months or years (heh, I have no idea of the length of the development cycle) of work for an entire team of professional programmers with a better engine (as far as I’ve seen, the BGE has been mostly compared to ps1 or n64 level), a large budget, and a company behind them. this isn’t just a few hobbyists on the web looking for a way to pass the time.

If you’re looking for an FPS to recreate, try quake (I or II, I’ve never played III so I dunno about that one) or something older, especially if you’re still learning to code.

first of i didnt mean to start a flame thread, i apologize, but i think this is possible, and i do know my own abilitys, that warthog was just a physics and python part of what i was trying to get right, not the aesthetics. And i am asking simply for someone who is knowledgable and willing to give it a shot

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If people like you, even if you’re on a team, could create Halo, then why would large companies like Microsoft spend $$$$$ on having somebody pro do it? They would be able to save $$$$$ by getting people like you to do it! I am completely for setting large goals, but I’m not for setting goals that will only lead to dissapointment.

Wow! Do you all think you’ve got the point across yet?

Sure remaking halo sounds utterly ridiculous but here is a person who wants to do it. Fair enough it took Microsoft many many months and a nice lump of money to pull it off and the fact that it is such a large game but who cares? I think what needs to be seen here is that there can still be a lesson learned in actually attempting to remake halo - possibly quite a few.

I was exactly the same when i was trying to get into game development and I am still no expert but before I new how to write a line of python/ruby/C++, etc. or knew how to add a cube in blender I was trying to get a team together to make a mmorpg. After about 4 failed mmorpg and rpg projects I had learned my lesson.

So Jat100 - it would be a good idea to listen to what these people have been saying and take it into consideration but if the desire to make halo is still there - Do IT.

I think what would help get peoples interest would be putting some blood and sweat into getting the development of the game rolling and then they can see how far you are prepared to go and be more interested in helping you.

Also consider who wants to play halo when halo 3 is already out? Why would people want to make a game that has already been made?

Good job with the warthog.

Good Luck


Yes…Halo recreation one-man-team…no comment…

there can still be a lesson learned in actually attempting to remake halo - possibly quite a few.
true. very true. However, I think there would be even more learning value in making a project form start to finish, even if it’s only quake-level. a good motto to live by:
“Eagles may soar, but weasels don’t get sucked into jet engines”-stephen wright

who wants to play halo when halo 3 is already out?
oh god, me for one. well, halo on the PC at least. kicks the living crap out of any of the other halos (that is, H1 on XBOX, H2 on both XBOX and PC, and H3)

Sure remaking halo sounds utterly ridiculous but here is a person who wants to do it

You can skip through your fantasy lollypop junction all you like, but it is pointless to try and recreate Halo. Blender couldn’t even handle something like that. It isn’t just a matter of time, it just won’t happen full-stop. Unless of course you decided to give it DS grade graphics, make the code really simple and have little content. For the time being Blender could only make a nifty demo, not much more.

Whats with all of the flaming? This is the kind of stuff that discourages people from creating/finishing projects…

Honestly, to re create Halo is very possible (single player campaign). Halo 1 is a very simple game with a simple plot. Theres nothing complex to the game, the ONLY trouble you would have is creating enemy A.I. efficient enough. And creating the vehicle physics identical.

Sadly, Halo 1 is your every day baisc FPS. Its no different from quake 2. Besides high res. textures and high poly counts on models. The game has very minimal bump mapping (i can give you an easy bump mapping script ) No parallax mapping ( only in the later halo’s ) And with minimal ragdoll.

The only reason why halo (and games in general) take so long to create is because teams have to take the time to draw everything out first. And then every drawing has to be approved by the art directer. Which takes forever to finally get an idea on what they want everything to be. And then they have to wright out the whole story line. And then the story boards. And then create the textures from scratch, models, etc. Hire voice actors. Hire a team for sound effects…bla bla bla…

When you make a recreation of it, you would skip a ton of steps, everything is there for you already created. Copying is going to be your main goal. The easyest way would be purchased a copy of halo for pc and rip the audio and textures from the game. Learn and study the level designs. Realistcly it isnt going to be as pretty and tip top shape as halo but you could defintely make a compromising copy of it.

If you have lots of spare time and commitment, its very possible. Commitment and time is going to be your enemy. But, yes, it is indeed possible, so have fun with it. Better yet, do it just to prove everybody wrong and to shut up all of the flamers :stuck_out_tongue:

You seem to be missing the point, we’re not stopping jat100 from jumping off a cliff, only putting up a sign telling him he’ll probably fall off. By all means, if you have the knowledge, be my guest, prove us wrong. But I’m telling you now that Blender probably couldn’t handle all the logic involved with Halo. No matter what you say, it isn’t a simple task to programme just because the game doesn’t make you breakfast. If you want to do this though, I sugest using Social’s FPS template. Then you get a fully operation physics engine, saving you yonks of time. Then go have a look at the stuff p00f and I think it was Mmph! were doing with AI. Then have a look at an efficient way to model for games using as little polys as possible, but not skimping on the details to much. Then find that menu template, and incorporate it into your game. And don’t forget the animation. Then you should have a working Halo copy.

Copying is going to be your main goal. The easyest way would be purchased a copy of halo for pc and rip the audio and textures from the game

Unless jat100 wants to be blocked from this site I suggest the he stays as legal as possible. And don’t forget that Microsoft is really anal when it comes to copyright, so don’t be surprised if your project gets shut down.