Fullmetal Regrets VERSION 2 UPDATE PAGE 2 (9-20-05)

Wohohohohohh, that’s one heck of a shiny suit there :smiley:

Haha, awesome & sleek!

How did you do the metallic effect? I mean shiny metals have a good reflection of the environment but at the same time, it doesn’t just act as a mirror and perfectly reflect all the colours and hide’s it’s own materials colours, the metal’s colour is evident but with a good reflection of the surrounding.

e.g. the edges around his neck, that place there is very good.

Can you send us your material settings? . . . sharing is caring :slight_smile:

Also, is there any ramp shading done with this piece?

I pressume you’ve used some on Alphonso as they appear to be evident on his shoulders.

Okay, i’ve learned quite a bit on these forums, so i figure i’ll share some secrets…


Also a big difference from the original version is the lighting. There are two light locations, and at each one there is a sun lamp and an area lamp, each one having specific “no spec” settings and such. And the ones that are in front of him are casting red and orange lights.

And as for the shiny armor, it has ray mirror that has settings that only make reflections on the outer edge of the mirrored objects. Also, I used glow effects in the sequencer.


Aww man, THANK YOU Artistotle!

And I was wondering how you get that metallic car shine, so you had to play around with ramps and ray tracings :stuck_out_tongue:



Here’s my result:


^_^, thank you again Artistotle,


Wow man i love it ay so good that effect.

I really like FMA, and this is a great piece of art. I’ll put it in my desktop rotation.

Wow, it’s harkyman! I don’t see you posting much in the finished works forum nowadays, and you’ve had some great projects yourself, so it’s an honor to get your praise, lol.

I guess I must be doing something right! And btw, keep up the Hess Report, it’s a good read.

Glad to be of service, Wolf. You probably are aware of this, but if you really want to get the same effect as in my image, it appears some of your settings are still off, such as mirror fresnel and spec sharpness…

Glad you read it. Didn’t know I had fans outside of my family and personal friends.

I’ve always had trouble with getting the best look out of reflectives in Blender’s material system. There are so many controls, some of which do very similar things, and I’ve never seen a good breakdown of how each really affects what you see. It’s made it hard for me to intuit good settings.

That’s why I’m always impressed when I see it done well, like here, especially with the toon shading.

On the topic of FMA, I’ve seen the first batch that was officially dubbed into English and shown on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and really dug it. Anyone here know when we’ll get to see the rest of the series?

more anime stuff i find here! so cool drool