Fullscreen blender

Hi there,

I’m running blender in ubuntu 7.10, fullscreen and windowed mode take up my whole screen. Any way to fix this? i want to keep my os bars at top and bottom

edit nevermind, i guess i just didnt dig deep enough. Havent tryed it yet but im sure it will work


It did the first time i installed blender. it doesn’t now. all i can suggest is that you reinstall blender . delete it fully using synaptic package manager and then install it again. thats all i can think of right now.
are you using 2.44 or 2.45?

Ubuntu installs 2.44 from repository, but im trying to run 2.45 as well and have the same problem. I tried the -w from terminal and still get the fullscreen. Reinstall did not help:spin:

Ubuntu 7.10 Blender 2.45 py2.5 download + unzip
command ./blender -w (and also ./blender -W) both start fullscreen

if anyone knows the solution, please shoot

Here’s an odd thing: If I start a render with F12, or recall a render with F11, the render window has the minimize/full screen/close icons in the upper right corner, AND the OS bars (mine are on top and the left side) appear. However, as soon as I click on Blender in the background, or close the render window, Blender takes over the whole screen again.

I’ve mapped the Windoze key to switch to another desktop, so I can have access to the OS bars with one keystroke. But, things like the clock and the remaining battery power icon are covered up when I’m using Blender.