Fullscreen low resolution

I want to make a game tu run at low resolution but in full screen, not in a tiny box with black backgrond.

For example if i set resolution to 850 x 480 and set full screen, the game doesn’t fit my laptop 1360 x 768 screen, it is shown in a tiny box at the center. :mad:


Under render options change Framing from Letterbox to Extend.

That should work

I tried that… nothing happens…

if you have W7 you maybe have to change monitor resolution stretching i dont know where it is but Ie found it somewhere couple of weeks ago. Or if you have nVidia graphics it will be your driver settings

… II

I use win 7 with an ati gpu, I didn’t want to change desktop resolution… Thanks anyway

it won’t change your desktop resolution. it will just set the method it would stretch the lower resolution of fullscreen app…

see this link: http://www.thinkdigit.com/forum/software-q/127048-win-7-screen-wont-stretch.html

Ok thanks… :yes: but its still not working, I’ll keep trying…

EDIT: it seems windows 7 doesn’t scale low-res software in laptop screems anymore…

I’ll test my low-res game with my TV.

I newer have succeeded with this. It expand, but it renders in that higher resolution. There seems to be no way to render in lowres and 2D-scale to fullscreen (on linux at least). That’s silly, rendering in lowres + 2D-scale must be much faster than rendering in highres - Optimally we should be able to change render res runtime and still scale to the same size - so we can adopt resolution to maintain descent framerate.

Even more optimal if we can except scenes from scaling - ie render a owerlay scene with only a few shadeless object and blt text in highres but all else in lowres and scale to same size.

I have planed to make a test with rendering to a texture and display that as scaled up background in an overlay scene. But I suspect that will introduce some unnecessary overhead eating up the benefit if it’s at all possible.

on linux i’ve done some workaround with external binary… it’s somewhere on this forum…

I conected my laptop to my TV with hdmi, and it worked just in one runtime I have.

The problem is, I made that runtime some time ago and I don’t know how it was set… I tried to create new runtimes… it didn’t work.