Fullscreen with BlenderStarter? How?

Hi I am publishing a windows runtime with BlenderStarter and even though I have selected the “fullscreen” option in the game framing settings, when I run the game it appears in a window. Is there any command line flag I can use with a batch script to make it run full screen? Or any other method?

I did try and look before I posted, and I found something on blenenzo’s site about command line flags for blenderplayer but it seems like it hasnt been completed yet :frowning:



Command line flags are just the options you type in after Blenderplayer. I only get full screen when the resolution is the same as my computer but I’m on Linux and I haven’t tried it for a while.

edit: Hmm. The blenderplayer is not working at all well on my system anymore. I just tried it on a blend that was working fine and it totally locked up.

INM8, run this commandline from the Windows shell (MS-DOS window on Win98) to see a list of the flags:

blenderplayer.exe -h | more

(The “|” is the pipe key, found directly above the carriage return/enter key on most QWERTY keyboards). Apparently this list of flags is at least slightly incomplete, since the example shows a flag called “noaudio” being used which cannot be found in the list.

Here is the basic format for fullscreen:

blenderplayer.exe -f fw fh fb ff yourblend.blend

-which means-

blenderplayer.exe -f width height bits-per-pixel frequency yourblend.blend

For example,

blenderplayer.exe -f 1024 768 32 60 yourblend.blend

runs “yourblend.blend” fullscreen, 1024x768, 32-bit, 60kHz.

You can also run commandline flags on a compiled runtime. For some reason, you need to provide a fake blend file name (the file doesn’t need to exist) for some features to work. For example:

MyCompiledRuntime.exe -p 10 10 640 480 blank.blend

Just as a note, you cannot use flags on a compiled runtime to run another blend.

That worked well, thanks for the great explanation blendenzo!

You could ofcourse use the great game config from blendenzo and use that instead of your game with blendStarter.