Fully auto UV unwrapping 🔫

Saw this:

being worked on some months ago and figured it might interest some here. Get in quick if you’d like to try the demo: http://www.quelsolaar.com/UVUnwrap_Release.zip (else ask him nicely).

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This does look interesting… any info on price?

About price: None that I’ve seen. Bundled docs and the website suggest to email him for a full license.

Actual demo starts at around 8:40 into the video above.

Tried yesterday. Seems ok for hard objects, not so good for organic ones. Anyway, this is just what I’ve got from inside the demo, because any export is prevented by a license request. So it’s impossible to say what is there because you don’t get to see the result into Blender…
So take what I said with a grain of salt.

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apparently it lacks some fine controls, for overlapping uv-s for example, but I think it does a very good job and lightning fast…

Latest version demo / tutorial:

The results look fairly nice, but holy crap that interface. What a nightmare.

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The debug list? It’s long but once you dial in your projects settings?

Don’t mind the mograph stopwatch thing he’s gone for. What else does it need to do while processing?

The UV <-> 3d transforms are cool (@Richcolburn made an addon like that if anyone’s hankering for it in Blender).

It can be used headless / scripted / batched too though.

Wonder about the optimised (for rendering / engines) unwrap results he talks about. If he can find a balanced ruleset that’s of general and desirable, vs specific and mixed, benefit.

If the latter I’d expect more user input to enable correction (if needed), or perhaps some modelling guidelines to help users encourage specific unwrap results.

It got more refined now. Someone know about the license?