Fully populating unitys embedded FBX material with a blender export?


I was wondering if anyone has managed to get unity auto populating the built in FBX materials with textures that come from the blender node editor.

At the moment if I assign a texture to “base color” node it will get assigned in unity. However the unity specific mask map and normal map do not. If I can get them auto assigned on import I can use the blender node editor mimic the unity shader.

Thanks in advance.

I dont believe it is possible right now.

Yeah :frowning: I looked into it more and filed bug reports
Blender doesn’t export the maps needed due to to having to use a separate RGB node to extra data from the mask map

and then even if it did the system in unity isn’t intelligent enough to use other maps if the mask map isn’t explicitly defined, which I’m sure it never is.

Bad system by unity imo.