Fully procedural roof tile shader

Hello everyone,

I would like to share with you something I have been working on for the past few day.

The idea was to try to make a fully procedural and customizable roof tile shader using blender 2.8.

So far it is possible to:

  • Scale the tiles
  • Change the aspect ratio of the tiles
  • Add a bevel around the tiles
  • Change the bevel thickness
  • Change the bevel height
  • Randomize the Z rotation of the tiles
  • Change the “roundness” of the tiles
  • Randomize the “roundness” of the tiles
  • Change the gap between each tile
  • Randomize the gap between each tiles
  • Add some noise on the edge of the tiles (not quite happy with it though)

I also started to work on some of the outputs:

  • Several mask to isolate the tiles
  • And then you have from left to right on the following pic:
    • A height map (with bevel)
    • A common uv map per tile
    • A unique uv map per tile
    • The tiles position
    • An example “albedo” - almost (with noise genereted using the unique uv map per tile)

I still have some things in mind but I’m nicely surprise to see what’s possible using only nodes.

For the future I plan on adding more options:

  • A random x rotation (to tilt the tiles)
  • Add some moss
  • Improve the warp of the edges

After that it will “simply” be a question of creatinga proper albedo, normal, AO, etc. using the masks, heights and uvs output.

If anyone is interested, I will post the blend file when it is a bit more user friendly. It is quite a mess inside the nodes currently =)

Sure. It looks promising. Perhaps some random breaker ones with an old factor?
I ll be curious to analyse the noodles.

Thanks @skuax for the comment. The old factor idea is really good, I will for sure think about it.

Here’s the blend file. Not sure the noodles are easy to grasp without any comments though:
Procedural roof tiles - alpha.blend (1.5 MB)

Thank you @_jb4x, I share some shaders and stuff here too. If you want to have a look at it.
Some ll be usefull to make gutters.

Great! I recommend BakePBR addon!

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chevere! me gusta tu trabajo tan bien.
Cool! I appreciate your projects also.

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check my last tweets! you will find a little treasure!

Sorry, i dont tweet! I prefere concentrate my effort and knowledge here, to keep this place the best one for informations. Social networking is a big time consumer when you are working on 5 projects at the same time. Each social media is a kind of vampire in my opinion, they split the information everywhere and make it difficult to follow.

agree completely

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