Fully skinned and rigged armature ragdoll in BGE (2.55)

Hey guys I made a fully skinned and rigged ragdoll in Blender 2.55 it fully works in GameEngine.

You cant copy the Ragdoll because the constraints get messed up.
It took me 1 Week because there were many Problems with the Armature.:smiley:

THUMBS UP!:slight_smile:

Very nice limits you’ve got set there for a realistic movement. :slight_smile:

I can appreciate how hard this was to do since I’m working on a way to automate the process of setting up a ragdoll. See the thread linked in my sig for my current progress. I’ve turned the script into an addon and have got mesh deforming ragdoll spawning working in my next update. Just got a few bugs to iron out before I upload it.

How do you get the mesh to deform?

In my method, I’m using the objects in a rigid body structure (based on the armature) joined by rigid body joints and a script in the game engine to drive the armature bone orientations through an action actuator. I’d love to take a look at your *.blend to see if there are any optimisations I could include in my addon and the associated game engine scripts.

Oh yeah… How did you get the joint limits into the game engine? I couldn’t get them to convert from Blender to the game engine and had to write them to a file then load them in the game. :frowning: