Fun contest in the works!

Okay, so the idea is this: I provide a blend, and you guys animate a bunch of different shots in the environment, with the provided character. You are not allowed to change anything except for the animation. Upload it as a video response to this video, and sub my channel for updates!

When the contest is over, (deadline not set yet, you have a few weeks at least.) I will pick the eight best/longest sets of animation. Sometime after that, a few days, probably, I will announce two winners. The winners will be selected form the finalists based on channel quality. NOT NUMBER OF SUBS! This is the perfect chance to get some views on your pages. If there is subscription-count bias, it will be towards those with few subs.

The two winners will have their videos edited into a single short film, on my channel, with the winners channels linked to in the video annotations. They will be credited for all animation, unless I added some to help the short film along. This will get subs for my films, and I will greatly endorse winners. I promise! I’m being open about this. I know that I am using you guys. But, I hope that having your channels advertised will be a fair gain.

Tips for winning!

Make your video long.
Make several takes of each clip, so I can pick the best one.
Make your animation high quality.
Make a high variety of poses/actions/expressions.

Tips for winning!

Enjoy the contest, and have fun!

Nice, like the idea, but I would say what would be the endorsement? Would it be money? or prizes, if so, please specify.