Fun For Free

i make This Forum for free but i want this forum go fun and have a hot topics and etc …:wink:

So Enjoy it ! :wink:

The Forum

No offense but could you plz work on your english… It kinda hard to get what you mean…

The Creator

Wow, talk about the pot calling the kettle black. “plz”?!?!

What? I dont get what you mean by what you just said…

Me too i don`t understand what @roofoo say ! :no:

I don’t even know what this thread is about. . .

What I mean is, you are criticizing Rokey for his bad English when you are using non-existent words like “plz.” :eyebrowlift2:

Its about his new forum duh…

@kbot is about fun forum and talk what you want to talk is free to talk

I am happy if you make a sing up and show us your topics

Well plz is a abrviation please and and i know i mispell words to but i just couldnt understand that one sentice i just wnated to point that out…

Is this a spam post?

@Blonder Sorry But what you mean with Spam Post ?

This thread is devoid of meaning or purpose.