A little comic relief to all you hard working (…yeah right :stuck_out_tongue: ) 3d-modellers:

Don’t drink anything while watching these, you might spurt something out of your nose…

HAHA, I love watching those on my breaks. Nothing better than cartoon violence, or something. :o

Not quite as funny as

Quote from Gerbil Genocide:
“Uhm… I don’t know about you guys, but I think joecartoon is pretty funny!”
“Anyone else think this shit’s funny?”

I think is really good too.

Joecartoon if best in sick, to cruel, bloodrich animations. And i love it.


I think that “Happy Tree Friends” were featured in the latest run of “Spike And Mike’s Sick And Twisted Festival Of Animation,” which is where I got the idea for “Plotless Film.” (The idea was originally to make a community festival of shorts, and it evolved a lot.)

Cartoon violence? Maybe if the Powerpuff Girls were killed gruesomely sometime, I’d watch the show more often. Or maybe if the new characters from “Toy Story 2” were torn apart by Scud, it’d be funnier. Or maybe kill some of the OTHER “South Park” kids, but for good.

Anybody here watch “Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law?” Not gory, but it makes fun of really old cartoons. It’s done things like make those two professors on “Johnny Quest” seem gay to making Fred Flintstone look like a mobster. It even makes the Scooby-Doo gang seem like they were getting high! There was even this one superhero who could ‘enlarge’ himself, and everybody stared at him (uh, yeah, let’s leave it there), until he was served a really hot cup of coffee that he spilled on his (AHEM) and sued over it! They even have Jesse Jackson as a superhero!

“Aqua Teen Hunger Force” is also funny.

Every episode starts with two scientists doing something absolutely ridiculous. For example, one time they had this corn that basically stabbed one of them! The next week, it happened AGAIN! The funny thing is, it usually has NOTHING to do with the rest of the episode!

The basic story is that three human-sized fast-food items (Frylock, Master Shake, and Meatwad–Frylock is floating, by the way) are superheroes… whenever they feel like it, which they usually don’t. Some strange stuff they do includes helping two Atari 2600-style aliens from the moon get pornography from their neighbor (unrightfully) to some pop-up ads coming out of their computer! (BTW: The aliens flipped off the Earth, on TV, uncensored! Well, it was kinda hard to tell, but still. The pop-ups even have girl-on-girl action, but the girls have guy’s heads!)

Also, “Space Ghost Coast To Coast” is funny. Do remember these shows air on Cartoon Network. In one episode, they went to see “Warren,” who made Space Ghost look like an idiot (I can bend spoons with my mind… but it has to be a plastic spoon). Warren was really a plant in live-action! It looked really funny! Also, one episode had a “Batman” spoof where stupid bubbles popped up when Space Ghost zapped things! They said “do a pronoun,” and it said Kenny Rogers! It even said “Obvious Parody!” They said to do the theory of evolution, and it showed up in really small text!

I’m overdoing this, so I should also mention “Clerks: The Animated Series!” In one episode, they actually spoofed “The Matrix” with Dante, the main character, going out of the womb-thing… then going straight to the “Quick-Stop” where he worked!

“Frasier stole this device.”

Oh man! Those are too funny!

This one is hilarious too.
Unfortunately the creater had to go commercial (popup alert) to keep producing it, but his stuff is drop-dead funny!

Uh Uh! don’t forget about pennyarcade!! Its hillarious if you’re are gamer. or…if you’re not %| :smiley: