Fun games to put human brain power to good use.

I was watching a little video on google video on human computation, and while he was on the subject of it being very easy for humans to see what is in a picture, but very hard for computers, he wanted to come up with a way to label images on the web accurately and quickly, plus for free. Here was what he mentioned.

In my opinion, it is fun, and it is labeling images on the web quickly. The more people that play, the better. After playing 3 games, I have about 4000 points! This game was a great idea! I just wanted to spread the word a little more. If we can get 5000 people playing at a time (the number of people playing some games on yahoo! games) we could label all the images on the web (not counting the new ones coming up every day) in 2 months! That would be pretty cool.

EDIT: I also just found out about Peekaboom, which is directly related to the ESP game. Peekaboom takes images from the ESP game, and takes a keyword, then tells a player to highlight the part of the image, and the other player has to guess the keyword based on what they see as highlighted. I know that it is hard to know what I am saying, so just play it to find out what I mean.

Oh, yeah, and the link is

ok i’m playing it

Looks like someone figured out how to get other people to do the work for him/her! Great idea!,1895,1916781,00.asp

It’s called “turking”. By yourself you can get about one cent per human scan,
but turn it into a game and get thousands of people “playing”, heh…kudos to whoever came up with that one! I’m jealous! :D:D