Fun in the Sun - Music Video


Here’s a video I created in Blender. I also wrote the song and sang it together with my 11-year old.
Since the Internet is built on viral cat videos, my goal was/is to nudge Nyan Cat from the throne and amass millions and millions of views :slight_smile:

Because the video is over 90 seconds long, I wanted a way to animate the sunflower and the kitten without having to keyframe every movement. I ended up ‘puppeteering’ a small Ikea-painting that doubled as the heads of the kitten and the sunflower. Then I used Syntheyes to create planar 3D-track of the painting.

I exported from Syntheyes to Blender and let the tracked plane drive the headbones.
This gave me the big body movements of the two characters. Then I lipsynced the sunflower with keyframes and used the vocal track of the kitten to drive the open/close animation of the cat’s mouth.

I hope you enjoy the end result and welcome all your coments.