Fun little compositing test

It’s some sort of vehicle, and it flies, and stuff. Crappy modeling as usual but I think I did pretty well with the compositing.

lol that is really cool! especially the end! great job

Yeah I love it! Very original! Nice work!

Good. You can’t tell it was composited. Most of the time when you see compositing, you can see traces of green or blue around the edges as in the weatherperson in front of the composited weather map. You are getting pretty good at this because I couldn’t see the green/blue edge effect.

Pretty cool Wierdhat. Is this easy to do? I’ve downloaded all the relevant files but until I get a digi vidcamera I can’t use the system yet.

Is the compostion done within Blender? or are you using a transparent render of the shoe? type thing, and then compositing it in a movie editor?


:o Cool!

However, I would carry it outside so that there’s more room to fly around. :stuck_out_tongue:

WeirdHat :

Very original, and very well done. Bravo!


nice, but the weighting is pretty weak imho.

i didnt know shoes could fly! :stuck_out_tongue:

thats pretty amazing, what camera do you have?

Nice job!

When you put your right leg into the cockpit, it crosses the mesh, but that is all I could see wrong with it.


WOW, REALLy cool!!! 5/5…looks so real!!!

What i think u done to do that fx:

The 3d thing was animated…in blender…

U take a picture of the room and set it as background.
Thwn the guy was green\bluescreened, then u use the charoma key tool to key out the b or g color, you also do the same with the 3d thing and the table at the left or u might just get the alpha channel straight from blender. Then u use the mask tool to make the person to look inside the 3d thing. The shadow looks so000 real…u can do alot of thing to get that shadow fx…wow…really nice comp…good job :smiley: …want to see moreeeee from u

Please tell us ur secret…i might be right :stuck_out_tongue:

…and oh, what prog did u use for the comp?

Wowzer… that was pretty neat. Your ability to convincingly composite live action and CG has grown by leaps and bounds… I still remember the neato “head comes off” vid from a while back.

I gotta ask tho… it’s been bugging me… to accomplish the “flyaway”… did you simply just stand up… and “cover” your feet under the craft with a repeat of the blank background?


As i say before, i think the guy was bluescreened and animated to fly using the compositing tool

SKPjason is right. ada89 is way off.

All done in Blender. Everything except the shoe thingy is real. I was really in the room, no bluescreening or greenscreening involved. I made a simple model of the shape of the room for shadows and for lining up the virtual camera with the real camera, lined up the virtual camera with the real camera, carefully animated the shoe thingy to make sure it stayed in the same position relative to my body, made 2d objects in the shape of the things that were in front of the shoe thingy, textured with the background video, to keep it looking like they were in front of the shoe thingy, and then covered over my feet at the end with a picture of the room empty, like SKPjason said.

Most of that stuff is explained in my compositing tutorial at :slight_smile:

wOW, I never know that blender can do this, hehe as i say before i might be right but i was way off…lol :expressionless: …thanks for the tute btw and cool stuff u bring here…thanks…i will search more about blender…hehe :smiley: