Fun little IE trick; powered by....

Hi all

Just reviewing one of my schoolbooks about Windows Server 2003, and I have found out a fun little thingy.
With some ISP, you will get in the titlebar of Internet Explorer something like: brought to you by AT&T (or eqievalent).
Now wouldn’t it be nice if you can put your own message there, like brought to you by…

That is what I’m going to tell you about.


First off, the result:

Now, the mini-tut:

BEFORE DOING THIS, MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A SYSTEM RECOVERY POINT AVAILIBLE (Start–>All Programs–>Bureau-Accessoirise–>System work set–>System Recovery).
Although I don’t expect it to mess up your Windows is this just a prevention, use it at own risk though.

First off, go to Start—> Execute or whatever the little command run dialog is named.

Second, typ gpedit.msc and press enter

Third, go to User Configuration --> Windows Settings (or you can just say: The middle option in the 2nd type of configuration.

Fourth, go to Internet Explorer Maintenance (or similar)

Fifth, Go to User Interface of the Browser, and you might guess when to say, BINGO.

Lastly, dubble click on Titlebar of the Browser (or similar) and a window will pop up, simply check the Edit Titlebar square (or something like that) and typ in the phrase you want to use.

So, please some C&C if you found this funny/helpfull.

I’m not sure I’d be very enthusiastic to visit forums which were made by the guys who “brought” Internet Explorer ;D. But, neat trick, I guess. I probably cant use it or really bother to try it (got win2k).

Lol, yeah, I know English sometimes fails in my brains.
It is actually useless, I know, but hea! it are my two cents. :stuck_out_tongue:

There is a way to change the “internet explorer” on the top by editing the registry. Don’t remember what the registry entry was though.