fun scene for my spaceship

Did a fun scene for my space-ship. You can get a higher res version here(150kb!!):
hope ya like it.
c&c welcome :slight_smile:

cya henrik

Nice. But I don’t get a sense of distance between the plane and the restaurant with the result that the place looks tiny.

  1. pofo

the glow looks to big for the actual vent. It goes down too far below the actual ship. And the place does look too small, don’t know how you’d fix that though. I like the look of your ship.

finally! pics from different angles!!1 :wink: very cool look there! makes me think of some kind of top-secret millitary spy/scout ship.

I agree about the sense of size/scale between the ship and restaraunt. the ship looks enourmous, and the restaraunt: tiny!

nice job and good texturing

hhhmmmm. Resturant doesn’t look to tiny to me. Keep in mind it is 5 miles away. Look at MacDonalds from 5 miles away some time. I’m pretty sure it would look pretty small.:smiley:

Your Friend,
Suicidal Failure

Nice pic! at first glance the ship looks bigger than the restaurant! try using DOF…

Yay! finally it’s done!
nice job :smiley:

that soft texture is awesome – how did you get that? I saw the blood cell ages ago -

thanks in advance


All crits aside, this image rocks! Not so much for its geometry as for its stylized and creative look. Nice work!

Restuarant? That’s a dry cleaner! Whatever it is Kaktus, it’s got everything that counts (except maybe a restuarant). Chuff!

cool, apart from the fact that the angle is just so that you cant see the other wing, and it looks like it doesnt have one. spin it a little so you can see some of the far wing. . .

cool design, what happend to the other more organic texture you had?


I like this version much more.

Perspective is funny, yes, far ship looks to big with respect to the resturant.

And resturant looks just behind foremost ship.

Other than this, great!


sorry that i didnt answer earlier but i am pretty ill, so i dont look around here very frequentially at the moment.

Thank you guys. I am not sure if I’ll change the things, but thank you for the crits!!

cya henrik

P.S.: the “secret” for the textures: nor-mapping + blend-textures