Fun Topic- What was your first gameblender idea?

(doogs) #1

Hey all!

I started off with a stupid maze after using the tutes, what were your guys first attempts at making a game with blender? :slight_smile:


(saluk) #2

Well, there WERE no tuts when I started, and I was gonna make this weird shooter thing. Hmm, I had a cube, with a cube on top, that could fire cubes, and you were on a big cube, and there was nothing to shoot at!

(dreamsgate) #3

I made a pinball game, dame targets wouldn’t fall over and the scoreboard refused to show a score. :stuck_out_tongue:

(ineedanewbi) #4

my first game was terrible… well… yea… it is, but i like it cuz it brings back the memories

i made this when i first learned how to use blender, it happened one summer, influenced by racing games like Grand Trismo

its pretty terrible, this is when i knew like nothing about blender
its got the most patheticly stupid AI

if u want to play it anyway… u can download it at

dont expect anything beyond crappy

(gargola) #5

LOL…my first game was about a little stupid character named “Brinky” that walked on islands.LOL i didn’t know anything about the game engine,so the game totally sucked!well,at least i learned some things from it. :smiley:

(Pooba) #6

My game’s blend file was called thelongestblendergameever.blend. I was going to make some really long game where you, a ball with a point sticking out, navigated through a humoungous levels. Unfortunetly, it was only about two minutes logn :smiley:

I’m not sure if this was before or after that game, so i’ll stick it up too. It was a game called jimbo’s quest, you were a cat, named jimbo, who had to go kill all these tenticle things that shot at you. You shot hairballs at them. I didn’t know anything about high-poly games going slow, so my terrain was extremly high poly, making hte game run at 10 frames a second.


(saluk) #7

Hehe, I remember jimbos quest. That cat was funny! But it did run really slow…

(gargola) #8

LOL…tell me about high sure remember my first characters that were about 9,000 polys!!!(the main character) LOL and i painted it with vertex painting.i didn’t know how to apply textures.i did it with a program called “teddy”,an easy to draw 3d objects program.the only things is that it makes very high poly that time i used it cause i didn’t know how to model on blender. LOL :smiley:

(Piraniac) #9

hehe, my first game?..i’ll let you know when i finish the damn thing… :slight_smile:


(Abracsis) #10

hmmmm… that’s too long ago to remember. well actually, the first game i decided to make before i knew how to use blender. it was a massive space craft strategy game. I still couldn’t make it today, so it was silly to start back then.

Once i realised there were a lot of limitations to making games, i created tunnel pilot. I was pretty pleased with it back then, but all it was was flying through a tunnel with bad dynamics.

And my newest project is yet again with ships, and there is actually a model that has been updated but did appear in the first tunnel pilot game! woo hoo.


(Tonberry) #11

My first game was a spacecraft hovering the uhmm… floor(+). LOL!

You could rotate the ship and accelerate towards the end of the world which was a very small world. No textures. No camera. No nothing! 10 polys total…

But you could steer a spaceship!!! YEAH! :smiley:

(Blender_owl) #12

Hmm, lets see if i can remember…
It was about 3 years ago. it was a multiplayer game. Two cubes. (they were supposed to be robots) in a maze like setting. You and your partner had to take out the gun turrets. It was sooooo coool. Even though it was my first, it was the best one i have made on my own. Too bad i had to reformat my hardrive. Now its gone.

(saluk) #13

:frowning: I’d like to play it…

(wiseman303) #14

My first game was an fps. You were stuck on an island full of monster ans you had to find away off. I never did make any monsters, All you could do was walk around a part of the island and push things around with an animated arm (a flattend cube at the end of a cylinder.) The game also had no textures either, it was all vertex painted.

(PlantPerson) #15

Blender Owl, I am so sympathetic I can’t type like quite what I’d like to say. I had to reformat my hard drive once, and I lost SO MUCH COOL STUFF! :-C It was before I found blender though thank goodness.

My first game? It was a skateboarding cat. I couldn’t finish it cause he wouldn’t move on top of scenery, and I picked the wrong axis so he somersaulted when you pushed left or right.

I recently went back and finished it, not that it really matters.

(Blender_owl) #16

:frowning: I’d like to play it…

Maybe ill remake it. But it was like Robo Gladiators, except 2 players, really bad models, and really bad AI (using the track to actuator).
But when we (the BSS Team) remake the RG, im hoping to include the 2 player mode that i had in my first game into the new RG, as well as much better AI.

(muzzy) #17

my first game was called uniball, it was a ball that bounced and rolled to get to its finish line, it was like a race game, but more like crash bandicoot i guess. and there were spikes and water pits and hammers and stuff that posed threats, not bad, ran fast, but couldnt figure out how to keep the ball from running through the “walls”, and then i couldnt figure out how to make it slide and lose control on the “ice”. The texturing was really good, for a first game, but the game logic was so crappy… haha… what fond memories… makes me sick almost… but then again thats cuz i havent gotten much better with the game engine…lol. lataz :stuck_out_tongue: :-?

(Hirpo) #18

The first one i can think of is a catapult, that was used to shoot people to orbit. 8) It was crude it didn´t have any textures, because i didn´t know how to assign UV textures. :wink: