Fun w/ Greebles

Hey guys!

Just playing with the discombobulator from here.
Rendered for an hour and a half on a dual core, 3.1 GHz per core, and 4 gigs of ram.
It was done for … seems like I’m the only one to ever put any blender made image on there, we need to show the power of blender :slight_smile:

Here’s the higher rez:

You should check this thread :smiley:

but i didn´t know there is a whole site dedicated to them.

BTW. Discombobulater comes with Blender already (because you posted the link)

…I noticed that when I downloaded a build yesterday…
I just posted in that thread, LOL
Any critiques?

pfff. i checked the thread 5 mins ago to copy/paste the link it wasn´t there… i swear… ^^
i need holidays :smiley:
nah, seriously, i think my browsercache is playing tricks on me again…

EDIT: “you just posted” ^^ somehow i included the yesterday form the sentence before… well i think i need holidays :smiley:

Yeah… my C&C your scene looks rather “simple”, so i think your rendersettings are bit extreme because it took 1.5h to render. As for the reast, i like the awry look and that you gave a hint on blender with the colors ^^

-Cool stuff, I have always wanted to create a Greeble scene and I will… But why did it take so long to render?

AO samples at 10…had to use AO cause AAO had to many errors, and then the blurred reflections w/ 20 samples + bevel, and high rez.