Fun with an exterior model

I’m waiting for a client to give me some direction on his project, so I had some fun.

6 more townhouses will be added eventually and hopefully a street scene.

I used cycles & denoiser with 24 samples. It took 2 hrs on a really slow computer (CPU).

Props are from

looks nice : )

2hours on 24 samples ? how big is the resolution and how much polys u got ?

btw one thing, u can see the clouds in the windows of the model, which is strange since the sky is on the other side of the model… :slight_smile:

Got bored waiting huh? Nice town house, are the ladders to scale but? They look a bit over-sized to me, it’s hard to judge because there’s no human in the shot. It’s a very nice housing design, old but modern.

@djwaterman Yes there are a few things that don’t look right to me. The spacing between the staircases is just wrong IMO. These are on an old fashioned block in Brooklyn. So Yeah modern and old at the same time.

@rybergs the image is about 4000 pixels. Very old computer. If I come back to this image I’ll look into the inconsistencies.

One practical point.

I guess the clearance in between the left and the middle stairway is rather small.

I won’t feel comfortable having myself to squeeze up there.

@BlenderWillie Yes the architect needs to rethink the staircases.