Fun with Anaglyph 3D - Firefly (You'll need 3D Glasses)

I made the firefly based on a character in The Princess and the Frog. My daughter and I love the character and I thought it would be fun to model something from a cartoon.

The character is modeled in Blender and rendered in Octane using Anaglyph 3D option.

This is my first post, so hopefully it shows up properly. I would post link to full resolution, but I’m pretty sure that I read I cannot post URL’s until after I’ve posted to the forums 10 times.

I just noticed that the upload to the forum introduced some artifacts. The effect still works, but it looks sloppy. Here’s the original without 3D…

Does this work??

It’s Ray!

Hehehehe!!! Do you have a red and cyan one by any chance?

@TWS Admin - Sorry not currently. I tried to see if it would work with other colors (red/cyan) and everything went screwy. I’ll ask the folks at Octane Render and update the thread if I find a way to do it.

Okay then.

@TWS Admin - I figured out how to do it with red/cyan. The following is a link to the full resolution version of it with the red/cyan.

ah COOL! it works now. i want to try to figure out how to do that with my stuff (without having to use after effects as it doesn’t work properly)

Yeah. Anaglyph 3D was one of the things (along with GPU-based rendering) that helped convince me to buy Octane. Also the realism is amazing and really easy to achieve. Now we’ve got Cycles coming and it looks like it’s catching up with Octane pretty quickly. I can hardly wait.

In case you’re curious, here’s a render that took about 15 minutes to throw together in Blender and render in Octane.

Monkey Heads…