fun with bugs.

Well that time is upon me.
1st fun bug.
From the impressive Tesselate script by JMS.
(& most of his other scripts for that matter.)
Non-ASCII character…but no encoding declared.
The same file works with some prompting in the text editor.
But I get the error for every wrong text character opening from the script menu?
Anyway, this is strange behavior.
I fixed the script, there were about 20 wrong characters.
my text editor (notepad++) supports py syntax highlighting,
so finding the culprits, (mainly in the comments) was easy.
This is 2.47.9 behavior on windows.

2nd Fun Bug.
From the
Integer Argument Expected…Got Float…
This handy little bug results in the console printing out lines of alien language.
sometimes the script may still work, sometimes not. Sometimes it makes the computer beep in annoyance. I beep in annoyance too.
Does anyone know the easy fix for this, it appears in a multitude of older scripts.
So how can I change a float into an integer?

3rd Fun bug.
The Trees to Curves script…
Bug 1> “Q” or “ESC” don’t work.
Bug 2> The script loves to disappear from the menu?
When I copy my default scripts folder into a new blender, then update scripts,
all the new scripts show up, but the Curves to Trees script takes a holiday.
So, to circumvent this, I start installing scripts 1 by 1.
For all intents & purposes, the script was being knocked out by another script.
The problem…the other script had

Group: 'wizards'

changing this to

Group: 'Wizards'

& the scripts all play nicely.
well, so far.
What a funny little bug.

If anyone could help with the integer got float problem it would be good.

I encountered the “alien language” and massive beeping when working on auto-sizing the the UI controls. i.e. as you say sending a float when the method expects an int.

The solution is to wrap the float with int()

aFloat = 0.0


Thanks FourMadMen,
I will have a look at that tomorrow.

The script does not work in 2.47. At least on windows.

Which script?
oh & I’m on XP.

Edit: the Tesselate script does not work out of the box,
but if you read the errors in the console, you can fix it easily in the text editor.