Fun with Bullet Engine

Bullet was much faster than I thought :smiley:


Now just imagine it’s processed on your gpu… about 300X faster… Now imagine all that with wires, and springs running in real time :smiley:

Why is it so dark? I can rarely see anything :(.

For seeing where the bullets go :wink:

How long did it take to stack those boxes? :wink:

Looks lots of fun though!

Did you try it? Blend:

^ That is actually really quite cool. You’ve got a Python script to freeze all of the objects and deactivate them?

Nope, this is built in functionality in Bullet. Bullet has a “deactivation timer,” meant to be an optimization mechanism. I set the Linear Speed to 45, and the Timer to just 0.1. So basically everything moving slower than my bullets will only move around for 0.1 seconds (?), and then stop. The high rate of deactivation makes a very dense scene very fast. Also I set the gravity low enough so that nothing will accelerate towards the ground faster than the deativation limit.

The normal settings are about Linear Speed 0.8, and Timer 2.0, and with Gravity 9.8 everything will always fall to the ground before any deactivation will take place.

martin.hedin > I’d love to, but I don’t have my main PC at the minute, and I think your demo would melt my poor Intel Atom netbook!

use this rather than bullets attached to camera :smiley:


Mouse = aim cursor

Left click =swing left arm at cursor

Right - Swing right arm

Needs a little work !!

I would add it myself, but my GPU is fried and can’t handle that much scene.


Smash.blend (571 KB)